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Can you stand on your head?

Can you stand on your head?

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15+ Harry Potter Gift Ideas For True Potterheads

Know a Harry Potter fan, whose birthday is coming up? Stop all your gift hunting, Bored Panda has got your back! In celebration of Harry Potters birthday this Sunday, we’ve compiled of all-time best Harry Potter gifts that any fan would appreciate. From Harry Potter monopolyto Wingardium Leviosa necklaces and bracelets to mugs and pillows … Read More

Disney Characters Sing “All Star” by Smash Mouth

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This Little Girl Hasn’t Seen Her Mom Clearly Until This Very Heartwarming Moment

While I can’t remember the first time I saw my mother’s face, I imagine that it was a pretty beautiful moment. She is my light, the one who brought me into this world, and so much more. Three-month-old Tilly has had a hard time seeing since she was born. So when her parents finally got … Read More

Yet Another Reason To Burn Australia…The Mole Cricket

Australia is well-known as the land of venomous and/or deadly creepy crawlies. However, there are plenty of reptiles and insects in the land down under that aren’t deadly, but are still plenty creepy. One of the more interesting creatures in this category is the non-life-threatening, but still all-around freaky, mole cricket. Kinda cute, right? Reddit … Read More

Slayer and justin

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Hillary’s youth outreach strategy ‘doesn’t get any more granny than this’ [photo]

How cool is Hillary? This cool: Wow. Seriously. We’re not sure where she got the idea that cross-stitch patterns are her ticket to victory, but if you think about it, it kinda makes sense. Because old: Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also point out just how problematic Hillary’s tweet is: Read more: … Read More

I think my friend meant “tortilla”

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Resumé replete with feats of strength, bravery, honor, and…bad English

I hope this man finds the work he’s looking for. He is truly an incredible specimen of talent, fortitude, and hard work… (via Reddit) Read more: http://twentytwowords.com/amazing-resume-full-of-strength-skill-honor-and-bad-english/

This Girl Was Ghosted By A Single Dad Right After He Was Robbed

Ah, ghosting.Its the dating phenomenon that happens when people are too cowardly to actually end things with the people theyve been seeing, so they choose to just disappear instead. Ghosters are idiots. But if youve ever been ghosted, know that youre not alone. In this weekly column, I share a tale of a time a … Read More

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