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Glad I’m Not the Only One

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I Let My Mind Wander…

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Secure Parking

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Reality bites back: With Joan Walsh’s help, the Left is hoisted on its own homophobic petard

http://twitter.com/#!/NathanWurtzel/status/195589202166026241 Well, well. It’s okay for someone on the Left to make a joke about people of the same sex marrying, but it’s not okay for a woman on the right to do so? Got it. Hey people at #CrowleyJokes, how was Monica's joke much different than this? https://t.co/9Anr3ubA #hmmmm? — RB (@RBPundit) April 26, … Read More

‘Banned’ iPad Mini Video Boasts That Device is ‘The Future…Until May’

Apple’s customary 5-minute videos explaining how each new device is a revolution are a big fat target for satirists, so it’s no surprise that the iPad Mini video is getting the treatment. Here, would-be Apple execs gush about the Mini with some reservations, like the fact that it doesn’t have a Retina Display, or a fast … Read More

These ‘Rules’ For Women Were Written In The 1800s…And They Are Ridiculous.

We’ve come a long way as a society from where we were in the 1800s. Politically, the social climate is very different — namely in regard to the fact that women can vote and, like Secretary Clinton is proving as we speak, run for the highest office in America. While there’s still a long way … Read More

Easter Islanders Mixed With Native Americans Centuries Before Europeans Arrived

A new genomic study suggests that people from Easter Island, one of the planet’s most isolated islands, have been mingling with Native Americans hundreds of years before Europeans “discovered” the island in the 1700s. The [h/t Science], published in Current Biology this week, provides the first genetic support of an early trans-Pacific route between Polynesia and … Read More

College Scumbag Brain

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Chevy Sonic Amazing Twist Jump Stunt

Skateboard, stunt, and reality TV star Rob Dyrdek just took his skateboard tricks to a much bigger level. At a Six Flags theme park, he pulled off a kickflip stunt maneuver, not on a skateboard, but in a new Chevy Sonic. Ironically, he twirl jumped the Sonic over a giant skateboard.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2011/12/20/chevy-sonic-amazing-twist-jump-stunt/

Yosemite National Park Bans Drones ‘of All Shapes and Sizes’

A shot of Yosemite National Park on Nov. 10, 2008. Image: Wikimedia Commons Yosemite National Park officials are trying to rid the park of drones using a federal regulation that is unrelated to unmanned aircraft. A statement on the National Park Services’ website claims that drone use in parks violates Code of Federal Regulations clause Thirty … Read More

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