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Hey Abbott! If An Emperer Runs An Empire…

Hey Abbott! If An Emperer Runs An Empire...

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Oscar Pistorius Gives His First TV Interview As He Awaits Sentencing

Awaiting sentencing for the murder of ReevaSteenkamp, Oscar Pistorius has given his first TV interview since her death, and claimed that his girlfriend wouldn’t have wanted him to spend his life behind bars. Oscar shot Reeva through the bathroom door on Valentine’s Day, 2013, later claiming that he thought that she was an intruder. Initially … Read More

George Zimmerman’s brother tries to explain self-defense to Piers Morgan

http://twitter.com/#!/piersmorgan/status/366279787725078528 Poor Piers Morgan. Not only is there a ratings war with Megyn Kelly on the horizon, but there hasn’t been a good gun massacre to exploit lately. Then, when he tries to revive the debate, he ends up saying something ridiculous about AR-15 holsters that utterly destroys whatever credibility he had left. Maybe it’s … Read More

This Street Performer Starts To Play A Tune. As Soon As He Touched His Guitar, My Jaw Dropped To The Floor. WHOA!

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First World Problems

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PSY Teaches Gangnam Style Horse Trot Dance To Britney Spears On Ellen Show

The obsession with PSY, and his hit single GANGNAM STYLE, continues online, and has actually crept deeper into the mainstream. Now, celebrity obsessed Ellen DeGeneres invited the South Korean pop star to teach her and fellow guest Britney Spears how to dance the now famous horse-trot dance.    Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/09/11/psy-teaches-gangnam-style-horse-trot-dance-to-britney-spears-on-ellen/

Disaster Girl

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Julia Child PBS Made Remix

Pbsdigitalstudios has been embracing the Internet and Internet culture with their past few remix videos in conjunction with remix master MelodySheep. They’ve already published auto-tune remix tributes for Mr. Rogers and painter Bob Ross.  Now, they return with another remix, this time to honor the world famous TV chef Julia Child in celebration of her 100th birthday. … Read More

Muhammad Ali’s Greatness Remixed for Maximum Inspiration

Inspiration that will float like a butterfly, sting like a bee and knock you flat on your tailbone — that’s what you get in this Team U.S.A.-created tribute to Muhammad Ali. The man behind the video, Steve Porter, set the boxer’s most memorable proclamations of greatness to a beat that will get your head bopping … Read More

Chelsea Clinton asks you to send her mom a personal thank you

http://twitter.com/#!/ChelseaClinton/status/298841268375654400 A thank you … for what, exactly? A note on the Clinton Foundation’s website covers Hillary Clinton’s entire political career, so, thanks for everything. As First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State, she has dedicated herself to service, and to giving more people in more places the opportunities to live their dreams. We … Read More

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